Cool School's philosophy



The games we prepare for your children are strategically designed so that everything they have learnt throughout the course can be effectively applied to their knowledge of the English language.

At CoolSchool we believe that memorising for the sake of memorising, although it may help them to pass an exam, will not make children learn the language, which is why we defend this method, which has guaranteed the success of our students throughout all these years.

Our premises

We have more than 300m2 of facilities, located in a privileged area five minutes from the centre of Sopela. We have a large outdoor patio with a 3x2m swimming pool where we carry out a wide variety of outdoor activities. We also have a 150 m2 roof terrace for our older pupils, as well as a vegetable garden with all kinds of vegetables (pumpkins, tomatoes, onions, pods, strawberries...).