Our offerings


Early Learning (3-7 years)

1º Level of the game

At this age, listening and introducing the language into their lives in a natural way is very important.

By listening to their teachers, singing songs, reading stories and, of course, playing, they acquire a level of English that will help them a lot in the future when they grow up and realise that it comes out naturally.

Ages 8-12

2º Level of the game

Now we move on to the second level of the game. We have already acquired an extensive vocabulary and it is much easier for us to understand the teacher's explanations. Therefore, we start to introduce grammar using our gamification system. We usually divide the class into two parts;

In the first part, we explain the relevant grammar, using the resources necessary for the children to understand.

In the second part, we put that theory into practice by preparing strategic games so that they polish and 100% understand what they have learnt previously.


3º level of the game

In this third level, we already have more resources. However, at CoolSchool we know that each person is different and, therefore, not everyone has the same skills or challenges when it comes to learning. For this reason, we adapt to the pace and knowledge of each person, emphasising their strengths and guiding them through the learning process.

At CoolSchool we encourage trust between students and teachers. Their evolution and growth are very important to us.

It is also at this stage of their learning that we prepare them for the official Cambridge exams.

A great future awaits them!

Cambridge preparation

In this fourth level of the game it is the students and their families who decide to obtain a qualification, the preparation focuses on the requirements demanded by the University of Cambridge to pass any of the exams (the most common are B1, B2 and C1).

To take the exams at these levels, the university's own assessors recommend at least 2 years of preparation for each one.

It consists of 4 parts: Listening, reading & Use of English, writing & speaking.

Urban summer camp in English with sport activities


  • Week 1= Starting 26ºJune.
  • Week 2= Starting 3º July.
  • Week 3= Starting 10º July.
  • Week 4= Starting 17th July.
  • Week 5= Starting 24º July.
  • August= Request availability.


  • from 9:00 to 16:00 (lunch included)
  • from 9:00 to 14:00 (lunch not included)


  • Group One: 3 to 5 years.
  • Group Two: 6 to 11 years old.
  • Group Three: 12 to 14 years old.


Weekly plan (for guidance)

Week 1: Detectives. During this week children will be able to dive into the world of detectives. We have created activities for the children to encourage group collaboration, motivation and to generate intrigue by exploring and discovering.

Week 2: Minecraft and the Middle Ages. This week the main project will be with Minecraft where we will be able to design our own castle by collecting information about this topic on the internet in English.

Week 3: Around the world in 5 days. This week we will focus on the different cultures around us and we will dedicate time to general knowledge, interests and curiosity.

Week 4: CoolSchool's got talent. This week the children will be able to bring out their inner talents and explore themselves with their costumes and performances. They will develop their creativity and imagination. We will mix theatre, music, circus and dancing.

*Tuesdays and Thursdays (4 hours per week): Surf and Big-Sup activities will take place in the morning at Plentzia-Gorliz beach together with AlokaSurf where they will learn the basics of surfing. All in English

Open days: 29th of April and 19th of May

Our camp includes:

  • Medical and civil liability insurance.
  • Hot catering menu (1st, 2nd and dessert).
  • Swimming pool and water games in the enclosed patio of the school.
  • 2 hours of surfing and 2 hours of Big-Sup in Plentzia-Gorliz per week.
  • 2 half-day excursions per week (depending on the weather).
  • 1 full day excursion per week (weather dependent).
  • Native English speaking teachers.
  • Transportation both ways from the academy to the activities (Barik).

Online reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email.


1. How do the bookings work?

It is a pre-booking. This way we can register in a visual way in which weeks there are more people interested. In this way we know if there is still availability for the selected weeks.

2. Can I book by phoning?

Yes, you can make your bookings by e-mail, telephone or on our premises.

3. What should my child take with him/her to the camp in the backpack?

-Swimming costume



-Sun cream

-Rain coat (as we live in the north and you never know).

It would be a good idea to bring an old white T-shirt and a spare set of clothes to leave here on the first day of the camp, just in case.

We also recommend that you come with trainers for the games, activities and trips, as it is more comfortable.

4. Is it possible to visit the installations before the camp?

Of course we will.

We will have two open days:

The first one will be on 21 April.

The second one will be on 19 May


5. Does it include a snack?

No, although we will have biscuits and juice in case anyone forgets.

Experience has shown us that in the end each child likes one thing or another and after exercising and playing, what more could we ask for than eating something we like!!!!

Special Days

During the school year we organise different parties and workshops for the typical festivities of our area, such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

The activities are carried out with our teachers and on specific dates selected in Cool's school calendar.


To celebrate Halloween, in our workshop, we will decorate some terrifying pumpkins. With these works of art, neither ghosts nor witches will dare to pass by!

To create our Halloween pumpkin, we'll use paint, markers, glitter, pompoms, spider silhouettes... A Halloween decoration that will last a lifetime!

We will also dance, play games, have mummy contests, paint our faces, make bloody fingers in our horror kitchen and much more!


We are going to celebrate Christmas in a different way, with English classes for children full of vitality, joy and enthusiasm. With original activities and lots of surprises.

This year at CoolSchool we want the children to enjoy this period in a more intense way, that is why we are going to carry out the Christmas workshop in which we will mix grammar and conversational fluency activities with varied activities such as writing a letter to Olentzero, songs and carols in English as well as culinary recipes typical of this time of the year.


At this time of year, we do all kinds of activities:


Egg hunts.

Themed cooking.




All these activities are strategically prepared by our expert and native team to improve grammar, vocabulary and, above all, to encourage fluency when communicating in English.

We attach great importance to the motivation of our students and that is why we prioritise the affection and trust between teachers and students.